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Sderot After School Program

Goal: $2,500.00
Currently Raised: $24,196.80


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With the Israeli school day ending at 1:30 pm children from dysfunctional homes in Sderot have no place to go.

They have the chance of becoming the next lost generation that will perpetuate the misery of their families. They turn to the streets; they turn to drugs; they turn to crime.
Recently under the auspices of Rabbi Mose Zev Pizem a unique after-school program was situated in Sderot. From the time of school dismissal through 7:00 pm 20 of the neediest (this is not always referring to those in the greatest financial need but also psychological need – although they’re often intertwined) kids. Think of this as a Boys and Girls Club of Sderot.
With this afterschool program these kids are not forced to go back to their most challenged family environments and they are now afforded a place to go during their waking hours.
The program costs $2,500 per month and will cover food and instructors for all 20 kids (facility funds have already been raised and not included in that amount).
As an extension to this after school program there will be a summer camp program that is being scoped out at this time. The Summer camp actually started last summer with great success and is a separate project but the plan is to make the after school extend into (after camp as well) since the camp ends at 3:30 pm.